Monday, April 7, 2014

Own It.

This weekend, I attended a pretty powerful conference called the Instigator Experience. 60 attendees with big ideas that I am certain will change the world, or at the very least, change some people who need their brilliance.
And yet I was struck by how after meeting some of them and asking them about their bold idea, they'd lower their voices or say, "Well I kinda sorta have this idea..." or they'd say, "Umm I really want to do (idea) but..." and they'd list reasons why it might not work.
As a former journalist, I know the power of words. I know the power of conviction. And if you don't believe in yourself or your ideas or your purpose, I will never believe in it, either.
Ownership is powerful.
Ownership of your ideas, your beliefs, your principles is the line you draw in the sand with the universe. You throw down and say, This is who I am.
You've only to look at the people you admire to see they not only embrace their identities and ideas, they compel others to do the same.
Oprah drew a line in the sand years ago and said from now on, my show will purposefully create connection and positive change. And it worked (despite what tv "experts" told her at the time). She created a movement of people who believe in the power of positivity and compassion.

Ellen DeGeneres drew a line in the sand and said, I am a lesbian. This is who I am. She lost her tv show, and faced rejection and criticism....temporary circumstances. Look at her now.

Keenan Ivory Wayans drew a line in the sand and said, I'm not getting the roles I want. So I will create my own roles and my own show. In Living Colour broke ground and is still treasured by its fans (like me! I loved Men on Film...genius).

We can all do this in our own lives. We can own who we truly are, unapologetically. In fact, scratch that. We can own who we truly are, joyfully!

So stop hiding, coming into the light and live your truth.

We need authenticity. We need individuals. We need YOU.

As you are.


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